Storage While You Move House

Deciding what to keep and what to Kondo. Packing. Physically moving (and not to mention the cleaning. So. Much. Cleaning.) Moving house can be as daunting as it is exciting. But we can help with our storage in Onehunga; it’s one less thing to worry about.

If you find yourself with more things than you can move to your new house but that you cannot bear to part with, one option is to rent a storage unit. Marie Kondo never told you this, but you can defer making choices for another few months, until you’ve lived in the new place for a while.

There’s a few steps to planning your move seamlessly.

  • Start planning now. It’s never too early.
  • Make lists of what you have to do.
  • Decide what possessions to keep and what to get rid of.
  • Sell what you don’t want on TradeMe, or give good quality stuff to the Salvation Army
  • Pack things thoroughly, especially electronics.
  • Drop off your items to your South Auckland storage unit.

Get organised and write a list

Making that list (and checking it twice) is an excellent strategy when it comes to moving. There are just so many things to get done, so many nooks and crannies to check, boxes stashed away to rummage through, old stuff to be evaluated, and packing supplies to buy. There is no such thing as too soon to start the process.

Anyone who has moved around a lot in life can attest, the more time you have the better. Both your moving date and that long to-do list will creep up on you. Plus, when you take the time to plan in advance, you can pin down friends and family to help you with the process.

To keep or to throw, that is the question

The longer you have lived in a house, the more likely you are to have accumulated things that may be borderline junk or well past their prime. If you have a home office, there could well be loads of paperwork and files you have stored that can be thrown out. We suggest carving out a chunk of time for sorting out your belongings – room by room, wardrobe by wardrobe at a time, and making keep and throw lists. Box up all that has to go.

If you have some nice stuff that is in good condition and still usable but either does not work for your new living quarters or else is no longer useful to you, you should sell it on TradeMe. A little extra cash for the move is always welcome.

If you can’t bear to throw out that stained sofa from your first flat, you could choose to rent a unit at our storage facility to store any belongings you don’t want to give away just yet.

Contact us for storage advice

We at Safestore offer you easy access to the unit you pick, alongside a variety of storage unit size options and assured excellent customer service. Contact us to find out more- ask about our easy monthly renting options and variety of sizes to choose from.

Pop in to see our easily accessible Onehunga storage units and we can give you a tour—you can see the containers yourself, and that gives you an idea of what size storage space you need to rent.