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Personal & Household Storage in Auckland

A storage unit gives you a convenient, clean, safe, cost effective and secure place to keep belongings that you don’t currently have room for. You can store anything from sentimental items, to furniture, or even your car for short or long-term periods.

All of our Safestore Containers are clean, secure and give you a cost-effective space to store your personal items. Whether it’s short term storage, a house lot of things for long term, or special sentimental belongings that need to be kept safe, we are here with the perfect solution. Our personal storage units are well-maintained, dry and private.

Safestore Containers units are a convenient solution for a range of scenarios.

Moving house storage containers in Auckland

Because dates and schedules don’t always line up as neatly as you would like when moving house, storage units can be helpful. You can keep as many of your belongings as you like safe until you are settled into your new place. If your new home is a bit smaller than your last, a personal storage unit lets you take your time to figure out what to do with belongings that don’t fit.

Hiring a professional moving company that offers packing services makes the moving process a lot easier at a time when you probably have several things on your mind. Renting a storage facility works just as well if you’re not moving house but have chosen to downsize your lifestyle.

Temporary household storage while you're renting

Keeping your belongings at home during a renovation puts your items at risk of damage. It’s also difficult to work efficiently in a cluttered space. A storage container keeps your items out of harm’s way until the work is done. At the end of the project, you can rearrange your dust-free, undamaged furniture in your upgraded space.

Personal storage units while you declutter

Without really intending for it to happen, a space in your home can become the default store room for things you’re not ready to let go of just yet. Rather than letting these things take up room that you could be using for something else, a household storage unit is an easy solution.

Storage while you're starting a new hobby

Starting a new hobby can become a very fulfilling aspect of your life. Don’t let a thing like lack of space prevent you from trying something new. If the hobby you’ve chosen needs equipment that you don’t have room for at home, take a look at our different unit sizes and find a suitable storage space for them.

You're planning longterm travel

It’s okay to keep up a lease for a short term trip, but if you’re intending to stay away for an extended period of time, it makes sense to give up your rented room or house. A house storage container keeps your furniture and other belongings safe while you’re away. If you plan to sublet your place, you may want to put a few precious items in a secure storage until you come back.

You're moving in with someone else

When you’re moving into a home with someone, you may find that there isn’t enough room for everything. But if you’re not sure what to do with those extra belongings yet, consider storage options to keep them safe until you decide what to do.

You're going through an uncertain period

Life doesn’t always go as planned and moving homes, jobs or dealing with changed relationships can be stressful. Having a secure storage space to keep your belongings eases the pressure as you figure out the next step.

You're preparing for an open house

When your agent is planning to show your home to potential buyers, he or she is likely to recommend de-cluttering your spaces to show them in the best light. Removing personal items from the house gives visitors a clear slate that helps them imagine making it their own home. Store your items safely until the sale goes through or you’re ready to move into your next space.

Using safe household storage units to store your belongings gives you the peace of mind you need during transition periods. From moving house storage containers to long term storage units or even business storage options, we have you covered.

Whatever your reason for needing a storage unit is we, at Safestore Containers, are happy to keep your things safe until you need them. Visit our West Auckland location or Onehunga location to check out our facilities in person, we are happy to show you the options.

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