Auckland self storage for Furniture

Auckland Furniture Storage

Running out of room for your furniture? A Safestore Containers storage unit is your home away from home, perfect for keeping your furniture safe whether you’re downsizing, moving or travelling.

If you’re looking for somewhere clean and safe to keep your furniture, Safestore Containers can provide reliable furniture storage with our modern self storage units. We can provide a secure temporary home for your furniture during your travels, or a long-term arrangement to make room in your house.

From couches and cabinets to dining sets and beds, Safestore Containers has the perfect solution for your belongings.

Furniture storage is a great option if you are:

  • Downsizing to a smaller home
  • Moving home and looking for somewhere to keep your furniture during the transition
  • About to travel and want the peace of mind of having your furniture kept somewhere secure.

Whether you need to store a single armchair or your entire home’s contents, Safestore Containers will have the right storage space for you.

Furniture Storage Tips

Keep your furniture looking good during short – or long-term storage with these handy tips.

Getting Furniture Squeaky Clean

Be sure to clean the furniture before storing it. Why? Cleaning helps to prevent damages caused by moisture, dust, or leftover food particles that can attract unwanted pests.

Transporting Furniture to Your Storage Unit

Whether you opt for a truck or a trailer to transport your furniture, getting your stuff to your unit takes some special effort. A good way to start is to disassemble the big items like your bed and your dining table. Here’s how:

  1. Be equipped with the right tools, like screwdrivers and allen keys.
  2. Focus on the joining points – this is likely where items are connected.
  3. Attach any screws and other bits and pieces to their piece for when you need to put them back together. By taking the big pieces apart, you’ll be able to fit more into your vehicle, minimising the number of trips you’ll need to take.

Storing Your Furniture Properly

Putting your furniture in your storage unit should not resemble a real-life game of Tetris. You’ll need to store your items safely and efficiently to make the most of your storage unit.

Cover and Protect

  • Lay a sheet down on the floor to protect your furniture from the hard surface.
  • Keep dust at bay by covering your furniture in sheets or blankets.

What about plastic covers? Sure, these are great for keeping furniture protected on the drive over. But during storage, plastic sheets can cause condensation, leading to mould accumulation.

Know How Long Things Can Be Stored

Does your furniture need a temporary home while you move house? Or are you locking it up while you travel the world for the next couple of years? The time frame that you plan to have your items in storage is important to keep in mind as some furniture requires regular rotating or cleaning.

For example:

  • Mattresses that are standing on their side while in storage should be rotated every few weeks or so to keep the coils and cushioning in place. It’s best to lay your mattress flat to keep its shape.
  • All furniture is prone to collecting dust. A monthly wipe-down should be enough to keep it from becoming a real issue.
  • Store heavier items at the back of your unit with lighter items on top. Resting heavy items on cushioned furniture can change its shape.

Stock Up on Useful Products

If you really want to keep your furniture in top condition, you should be prepared with the right gear for the job. This includes:

  • Plastic covers – These come in handy when transporting furniture from your home to your unit.
  • Corrugated cardboard – Place between stacked dining chairs for protection.
  • Moving blankets – Great for your dining tabletop.

Why Choose Safestore Containers

Competitive prices – Safestore Containers can provide you with a range of secure and flexible self-storage solutions at very competitive prices.

Central & west Auckland – convenient locations in central & west Auckland Safe and secure – our storage facility is protected by 24hr monitored CCTV surveillance and electronic swipe card access control systems.

Range of sizes – Safestore Containers can provide you with a range of unit sizes from 1.5m, 3m, 6m & 9 metres long x 2.4 metres wide

Easy drive-up access – we also provide easy drive up access to all our storage units, loading and unloading your goods is convenient and quick.

Trustworthy – we have a great reputation because we are reliable and do what we say. You can trust us.

Furniture Storage FAQs

  • How much does furniture storage cost?

    This will depend on the unit size you need. Our storage experts ensure you only pay for what you need by tailoring a solution to suit you. Get a free quote today.

  • What size unit will I need for my furniture?

    If you’re not sure what size unit you require for your items, you can refer to our calculator to get an idea.

  • Should you wrap furniture in plastic for storage?

    Try to avoid using plastic wrapping on fabric or wood pieces, especially for long-term storage. Plastic tends to generate moisture that can lead to mould or stains on the fabric. Wood furniture is usually polished or oiled to help retain its appearance.

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