What size storage unit do I need for a 1 bedroom apartment?

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Are you Marie Kondo’ing your life, or needing to find temporary storage while you are relocating? Or maybe you’re immigrating to New Zealand and need storage for your possessions while you find your new home.

Whatever the reason, you’re on the move and you’ve got stuff to put in storage. Finding the right sized storage unit is important—too little and you will have to find a bigger space, too big and you’re paying for storage you don’t need.

So, if you have a one bedroom apartment, what size storage units in Auckland do you need?

Perform a stocktake

Grab a notebook and pen and wander around your home. Write down everything that’s going to be heading into storage. This includes furniture, appliances and whiteware. Take measurements for the big items and write that down too, so you can calculate the storage space you’ll need.

This is also the best time to have a bit of a clear-out. Some things may simply not be worth putting into storage. A coffee table, scarred and faded from years of flatting, or a washing machine that was beginning to sound like a jet engine taking off- they may not be worth paying to store. It could be more cost effective to donate or sell them, and factor in buying new items when you move into your new home.

What can’t you put in storage?

Most furniture and household items are fine in storage, but there are some items that can be dangerous, or lead to damage of your property.

For instance, consider:

  • Paint, chemicals and cleaning compounds can become unstable when stored, and are a fire risk
  • Food items of any sort can attract pests, and mean your unit has unexpected rodent or insect guests that can damage your belongings
  • Anything illegal could be risky for a variety of reasons

But pretty much everything else is acceptable.

How much space do you need for a one bedroom apartment?

For most people with a one-bedroom house or apartment, our 2.4m long x 1.5m wide x 2.4m high unit is the perfect size. At 8.5m3, it fits a bed, a small amount of furniture, and a number of boxes. To give you an idea of size, most single bedrooms are 3m x 1.8m x 2m, slightly bigger than this unit. If you can envisage everything you own fitting into a small bedroom, then this is the unit for you.

If you have more stuff or you have a motorbike/ garage items to store too, you could upgrade to the medium storage unit size. At 3m long, x 2.4 wide and  2.4m high, it’s 17m3, and a big jump up from the small storage unit. However, it allows you to pack with walkways between things so you can access items at the back without having to unpack the entire unit.

If you want to see how much storage space you’ll need for a bigger home or office, check out The Ultimate Guide to Storing Your Entire House for a guide on the storage required by house size.

How to pack your things for a storage unit

You need to make sure your items are packed properly, to ensure that when you need to use them again, they are in optimal condition. Packing, or storing items incorrectly can result in damage.

Before choosing a storage unit, think about access to the unit. Is it upstairs, or on the ground floor? Can you easily back up a trailer to it, or will you need to carry things to it?

  • Use sturdy boxes. Plastic boxes, while waterproof, don’t allow any dampness to escape, which could be a problem for clothing or items that may rust. Use strong cardboard boxes.
  • Any electric goods should be stored back in their original boxes when possible. Store upright. If you don’t have the original packaging, consider bubble/ plastic wrap.
  • When stacking, put the heavy furniture on the ground. Boxes can be piled on top of them.
  • Don’t stack too many boxes upwards, as they are prone to crumpling and falling over. Make sure the heaviest boxes are at the bottom.

Auckland storage units

There are a range of different storage facilities in Auckland. All offer storage, but every facility has different sizes of units, different prices and are located in different areas. If you are budget conscious, then it’s best to choose an area that’s away from the expensive suburbs.

We have two sites, with different sizes but the same great service. Check out our Onehunga storage unit sizes and Glendene storage unit sizes and see what suits your needs. If you’ve read this article, measured all your possessions, and are still a bit confused, get in touch with our expert team who can give you more specific advice. We have worked in the business for many years and are happy to help you choose the best option for your needs.