How Much Storage Do I Need for a 4 Bedroom House?

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Exciting as it may be, moving house and relocating to a new city or country can be quite a stressful experience. And finding the right storage space for your contents is important part of the process.

Packing up the contents of a 4 bedroom house is no small task, and when you plan to put everything in storage, there are numerous questions to be answered. What size storage space you need to rent? What are your options for temporary storage?  What’s the cheapest storage option?

We’re here to help.

Location specific options

If you are immigrating to New Zealand and Auckland will be your home base, Safestore Containers are a great option. If you need to put the contents of your 4 bedroom house in storage while you get set up and find your new home, we have storage units in Auckland that will fit your needs.

We offer storage space for rent in two different areas in Auckland, to make it easier for our customers. Our Auckland storage units are secure, with entry via a swipe card activated gate, which allows you to drive up and gain easy access to your unit. Depending on your part of the city, you can check out our self-storage facility in Central Auckland to see the Onehunga storage unit sizes we offer, or if West Auckland is your new part of town, then our Glendene storage unit sizes are what you should be exploring.

One size doesn’t fit all

The size of your four-bedroom house, alongside the amount of stuff you have in it will colour the decision on the storage unit size you should rent. We’ve been in the industry for years and can confidently suggest the perfect storage sizes for your four bedroom home.

To accommodate the contents of a 4 bedroom home, you will need either the 6m x 2.4m size storage unit (33m3), or the 9m x 2.4m (50m3) storage unit size. The former option will suit most 4 bedroom houses. The latter will not only take the furniture from the living and sitting rooms, your bedrooms and kitchen and even some carpentry and DIY tools, it will also comfortably accommodate a large sedan. If you have a boat and trailer as well as a garden or tool shed in addition to the contents of the house, then you want the extra space.

Size of Large storage unit at both Onehunga and West Auckland (Glendene)
X-Large storage unit size at Glendene (West Auckland)

Another reason to spring for the very largest unit is if you intend to access your stored belongings while they are in storage. If you have a lot of boxes and don’t want to end up unpacking the entire unit to access the box at that back, it’s best to have an aisle set up so you can walk around. This means you don’t need to clamber over precarious piles of furniture to reach that one specific box of stuff that you need.

If you think you might need a different storage unit size, check out The Ultimate Guide to Storing Your Entire House for the best storage unit sizes for your situation.

If you’re still not sure what size you need or you have specialised items that need addressing, contact us. Get in touch with our expert team who can give you more specific advice. We can give you all the details on the various household storage solutions we offer so you can find the right fit for you.