Why We Recommend Packing Belongings for Storage with Acid Free Paper

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Your belongings are precious to you, whether or not they have high monetary value. From clothes to photos and mementoes, we suggest using acid free packing paper to wrap and store your items, so that they remain in the best possible condition whilst in storage, be it short or long term.

What is acid-free packing paper?

Let’s start with the obvious question: what exactly is acid free packing paper? It is paper made from cellulose fibre that has been created using alkaline paper-making technology, and is pH neutral (pH7 or more, which is when it becomes non-acidic). It is also free from sulphur and lignin, so it remains bright white and won’t turn yellow over time.

Advantages of acid free packing paper

Acid-free paper has the capacity to last a few hundred years, which means it is ideal for packing family heirlooms such as paintings, objets d’art, ceramics and photographs/photo albums. It can be recycled ad-nauseum for years, from the time you are moving house, flat or office to when you need to store your belongings in a warehouse such as those we offer at Safestore Containers.

As well as boasting impressive longevity, the composition of acid free packing paper means it won’t cause damage to your belongings. Valuable items of clothing such as wedding dresses can be heirlooms that you want to preserve through several generations. We recommend using acid free packing paper not only to wrap possessions but also as a protective lining between layers of clothes, papers and photos. Doing so means you can avoid hazards like staining surfaces as well as colour leaching from clothes or other items, including plastic, which can stick and transfer to your clothes or photos and cause irreparable damage. Similarly, if you have important contracts and paperwork from your office or factory that need to be preserved, we recommend you line your cardboard packing boxes or other storage vessels with acid free paper.

Why it’s better than newspaper

Newspaper is the most common choice for wrapping delicate or breakable items, but the printed ink breaks down over time, transferring onto your stored property and leaving nasty black smudges – a problem not experienced with acid free paper. Newspaper also has the tendency to grow damp and ends up sticking to your items or becoming brittle and flaking away, and doesn’t have the structural integrity to last well in a long-term storage situation. Acid free paper is a much better option both in terms of longevity and protecting your property. We at Safestore have storage options for you in two localities in Auckland, with our Onehunga storage and West Auckland storage units to choose from. Always wrap each item individually and ensure care during transportation and storage.


What is packing paper for?

Packing paper provides protection against breakage and damage when moving or storing items.

What can I use instead of packing paper?

Delicate items can be cushioned with sweaters, blankets, towels and pillows, all of which also act as a barrier between items.

Is packing paper the same as newspaper?

No, packing paper is a superior and longer lasting option, and is manufactured to be acid free.