Should you wrap furniture in plastic for storage?

Try to avoid using plastic wrapping on fabric or wood pieces, especially for long-term storage. Plastic tends to generate moisture that can lead to mould or stains on the fabric. Wood furniture is usually polished or oiled to help retain its appearance.

How much does furniture storage cost?

This will depend on the unit size you need. Our storage experts ensure you only pay for what you need by tailoring a solution to suit you. Get a free quote today.

What size unit will I need for my furniture?

If you’re not sure what size unit you require for your items, you can refer to our calculator to get an idea.

How much do storage units in Auckland cost?

When you go with our company, storage units Auckland start as low as $100 per month. Our customer service team will give you a detailed quote depending on your unique needs.

What can I store in my Auckland storage unit?

Our Auckland storage units are great for stashing the following items: Furniture Appliances Clothes Books Collectibles Electronics Paperwork You can also store bicycles and motorbikes. Our spaces can also accommodate larger vehicles like trailers and cars, but you will need to contact us first to discuss the specific sizing requirements. All units are equipped with a secure...

What can’t I store in a storage unit?

Illegal substances or belongings that have been acquired illegally are not permitted in your storage space. You may also not store: Plants or pets (even goldfish) Flammable or toxic liquids like paint, petroleum, gasoline, or solvents Food items (as they can rot and attract pests) If you have questions about storing specific items, talk to our...

How long do I have to store my items for?

We require you to keep your items for at least one month. After this period, you may cancel. Unlike other rental facilities in Auckland, we will never get you stuck in a long-term contract.

What is the minimum storage period at Safestore Containers Glendene?

We offer storage space for rent for anything for a period of two months and upwards. And we have a flexible cancellation policy for our customers’ convenience. We don’t lock you in for long contracts or force you into unwanted timeframes. We work to suit your needs, and can work on a month-by-month basis if...

When can I access the West Auckland self storage facility?

Our Glendene storage units in West Auckland are accessible to our customers 7 days a week, during our working hours of 6am and 9pm, and our pin code activated gate security ensures secure and easy access.

How can I move my things into the storage units at the West Auckland branch?

We have drive up access for most vehicles – movers truck, trailer or car, making it easy for you to drive right up to your rental storage unit when you are moving things in or out, and when you come to visit to sort through your belongings.